BORA GP / screw

BORA GP screw / K0107EB00
HMS carabiner designed specifically to eliminate the dangers of cross loading

  • safety wire gate keeps the carabiner in its proper orientation
  • hot-forged I-beam construction offers an improved strength/weight ratio
  • large rope bearing area for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
  • pear-shaped basket facilitates belaying with the Münter hitch or other belay devices
  • angled snag free Keylock nose for smooth clipping and unclipping maneuvers
  • opening and basket area are large enough to easily accommodate the clove hitch
  • screw locking sleeve for great handling and effective locking
  • very popular for climbing gyms and ropes centres
  • each carabiner is individually tested for the strength 10 kN
  • unique production number for better traceability and inspection
  • certified for both sport and industrial use

Color: black matt
Weight: 64 g (2.26 oz)
Material: light alloy
Strength major axis: 23 kN
Strength minor axis: 8 kN
Strength open gate: 8 kN
Gate opening (d): 22 mm


high resolution picture instructions of use technical parameters

1019, EN 12275, EN 362,

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Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata, caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work at height and exploration are dangerous activities, which may lead to severe injury or even death.
This the following is essential before use:

  • careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use
  • acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product
  • adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use
  • understanding and acceptance of the risk involved

In case of doubt or problem of understanding, contact SINGING ROCK.