Antonín Volk

mountain guide UIAGM 68187

Nickname: Tonda
Sign of zoodiac: Pisces
Job: mountain guide and a capo in skiing school K+K
Year of birth: 1974
Climbing since: 76,77,78,79 ect. Every year I am beginning again and again.

SINGING ROCK supports this "mountain guide, brilliant skier and custodian of Bišík" and cooperates with him quite a few years.

Why do I climb?
Ascending, vertical movement, being exposed and the free space around me.

Why do I take part in the competitions?
I do not, I am not good enough for it.

Other sports I do:
Skiing, skialpinism, freeride, girls, bike, skating and lines.

My favourite climbing area:
Those that are dry and not crowded. Now I am usually going climbing to Bišík.

My valuable achievements:
Elbrus, Matterhorn passage, Studlegrat ascent, Haute Route override, Milenci, Vévoda, Tyroláci … The Professor's kvak ascent.

Plans for the future:
Worthy and climbing-like survival of the year 2040.

Climbing in 100 years? jak bude podle tebe vypadat?
The same, it will just be more slippery and the belay will have to be more robust and closer. In the Alps people will climb only on the rock and the water soloes will be lower.

My strongest climbing experience?
An opened carabine without lock to which I was tied. It was quite a chase up there then. Thanks, boys!

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Antonín Volk