Singing Rock Staff

SINGING ROCK is climbing – and we live up to this motto.

Our company is located in Czech Republic near Krkonoše National Park and Bohemian Paradise where are situated the amazing sand stone rock climbing areas. Most of our staff are climbers and together with our sponsored athletes we are able to develop, test and improve our functional high quality climbing equipment. 

During its existence, Singing Rock has established itself as a professional and innovative brand and supplier of climbing and personal fall protective equipment. SINGING ROCK is climbing and we simply have everything what you need for your climbing and personal protective equipment to prevent falling.

Photo Name Briefly
Management & Marketing
120960 Jiří Hrdina
The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
Artsiom Hasiankou
Sales Director
The most beautiful idea without action is worthless.
120575 "Toto" Settanni
Senior Manager
Climbing is a way of finding myself...
118506 Petra Čeřovská
Quality Manager
A smile costs nothing but gives so much.
117811 Attila Hegyi
Sales Manager
for Europe
For me climbing means passion to be high both physically and mentally, face challenges, be focused, be outdoors.
118351 Radek Žalský
Sales Manager
for Russia, Asia
and Middle East
I enjoy climbing, going outdoors with my friends and lying in warm sand under the rocks with cold beer in my hand :-)
121414 Lumír Fajkoš
Sales Manager
for CZ & SK (sport)
I like climbing as a combination of physical strength, mental focus and other aspects done with various people in various environments.
117708 Dalibor Plíšek
Sales Manager
for CZ & SK (work)
A perfect day? It´s any day full of new experiences with great people.
Daniel Černý
Sales Manager
for CZ & SK (work)
The job at Singing Rock allows me to mix my hobby with work, furthermore with a bunch of easy going people on the same wave.
116881 Honza Zámečník
Marketing Manager
To be outside, climb with my friends, push my physical and mental limits, have a beer after the great climbing day and chat about climbing.
118881 Petr Goldmann
Marketing Specialist
Free party is not a crime ;-)
Matúš Havran
Graphic Designer

121316 Jiří Čermák
HR Manager
Look at the stars, look how they shine for you...
Research & Development
117601 Martin Horák
Any rock, any route, any combination of holds is different. It is amazing what the nature could create.
121405 Jan Hnyk
I like peace and freedom at the rocks and mountains.
120111 Kairat Rachmetov
I climb since my childhood. I like the most some inexplicable feeling of freedom and liberty.
121499 Jan Kolář
I like climbing equally to force of my fingers. Climbing has similar relation to me, that is the reason why I get the ten-meter axe time by time.
117336 Mirek Matějec
Climbing is very diverse sport. You can focus on one discipline or switch among various activities from bouldering to mountaineering.
116639 Aleš Steklý
To climb M8 mix route with a feeling that it's M4 and on the top to meet hot girls with a case off beer.
Sales Department
119191 Zuzana Klimentová
Sales Administrator
Czechia & Slovakia
I like my job and the most importantly I like the great group of people working here. I like to spend my time with them not only at work.
119044 Blanka Fejfarová
Sales Administrator
Keep smiling :-)
117020 Marie Čechová
Sales Administrator
South Africa
To wake up in a good mood into a sunny day and spend it with a pleasant activity with my children.
120409 Michaela Havlíková
Sales Administrator
I´m never ending beginner, the best family belayer, I like the climbing atmosphere, people and nature.
120263 Jana Čermáková
Sales Administrator
Never say never.
117406 Kristýna Václavíková
Sales Administrator
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
POLYGON Singing Rock
120787 Pavlína Poncová
Polygon Administrator
What do I like about climbing? I like to watch male climbers :-)
119818 Lukáš Neklan
Work at Height Trainer
Climbing is my life, whether climbing the rocks and mountains in my free time or during my work at the tree tops.
119419 Václav Kverka
Work at Height Trainer
I love the mountains, far-sightedness, adventure tours and climbing somehow belongs to it.
Mirek Komorous
Work at Height Trainer
A perfect day? After an interesting work, chilled hops and heat-treated transversely striated muscles.
Singing Rock OUTLET
118174 Šárka Zámečníková
Store Manager
Sunny day, reading a book, playing beach volleyball...
I wish to have a day like this...
119520 Ondřej Metelka
Assistant Store Manager
Where is the will, there is the way.
and many others...