116396Since December 2000 SINGING ROCK has had Quality Management System certified according to requirements of
ISO 9001 standard with regards to development, production
and sales of climbing equipment as well as PPE against fall
from a height. Certification refers to the article 11 B of
Council Directive 89/686/EEC.

Our Quality Management System and even our products are certified by the authorized certifying body VVUÚ Ostrava-Radvanice (Czech Republic).

ISO 9001 standard
ISO 9001 is an international standard compiled mainly from requirements on Quality Management Systems. Implementation of such requirements into management of organization processes and its fulfilment helps organization to satisfy customers' needs and reach its business targets.

Council Directive 89/686/EEC
This directive deals with development, production and sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The article 11B of Council Directive 89/686/EEC requires to establish and certify quality management system needed for development, production and sale of PPE.

In NOVEMBER 2015 Singing Rock s.r.o. successfully passed the re-certification audit of its Quality Management System. With reference to development, production and sale of PPE against fall from height and training and consultation services of  securing persons at height the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and audit extended for special requirements of Council Directive 89/686/EEC for Personal Protective Equipment.

PPE-QMS Certification (PDF)
ISO 9001 Certification  (PDF)

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