Sebastian Muñoz, Patagonian summer 2016/17

127464SINGING ROCK ambassador Sebastian Muñoz made another expedition to harsh Patagonia. Read his report...

"Patagonia has been my climbing play ground for several years, last Patagonian summer i wanted to test my years experience and give another try to a few objectives i had previously attempted.

The first of them was Cerro Torre´s southeast ridge (800m WI5 7c) a real free climbing challenge and simply a dream summit. The second, the east face of the central tower of Paine in Chile via South African Route (1200m 7b), a cool Alpine Style Challenge with No Portaledges, and with just the minimum amount of gear necessary to complete the route in a single push.

127467The plan was with no doubt very ambitious for a single season but like everything in this southern range, with a large amount of patience, motivation and good luck everything can be accomplished. My friends and I were extremely excited, full of these basic skills and very keen for exploration, learning, hiking and eventually get the job done!

How could we describe the feeling of these adventures and to be back in civilization? A Blast of Joy !… last 3 months have been very exiting in many ways! Escaping from the worst Patagonian weather, dealing with all mental stress of weeks waiting for good conditions, kilometers of hiking and yes, some adventurous climbing, eventually. 127469It does make the return back to civilization so much better, adding a lot to the learning experience!

Despite of the bad weather we had in our trip, It is always positive to have some time connected with nature, sleeping under the sky is always a powerful experience!

Several days we spend zipping kilos of yerba mate in Niponino Base Camp, just below Cerro Torre, that was actually, never in conditions for climbing. A full humbling experience where nature has the complete control. The 2016-17 Patagonian summer have been without any discussion, severe and a bit frustrating!

After all, my friends and I decided to extend our visit in Cerro Torre-Fitz Roy Range, leaving our Torres del Paine Alpine style mission for a later expedition, it was anyway a good opportunity to test our skills in minor rock objectives and explore in depth the Torre Massif.

127468After weeks of waiting, we had to be satisfied with a very amazing 400 meters needle called Media Luna (Half-moon). Nice views of El Torre after all! a real blast of emotions after several weeks without wind less days and blue skies!

Even I am already here sitting in my working desk beside the fireplace and with a good quality yerba mate, a large amount of my thoughts remain there !..Such an intense experience! We already would like to go back with renew energy and strategies.

Big thanks to TILAK, SINGING ROCK, ROCK POINT and ERRATIC ROCK family for being part of these vertical dreams!

As well as El papo, Fabio, Jaro, Hugo, Nico, Tomas and many others!"

Sebastian Muñoz
SINGING ROCK ambassador