Photo contest - winners

130032Our anniversary photo contest SINGING ROCK gear in action already knows its winners.

Till 15th September 2017 on social networks you could vote for your favorites and determine three best who won products of Singing Rock of their choice. You gave the finalists almost four thousand likes and final voting ended as follows:

Adi Kebo from Bosna a Hercegovina finished 3rd with 658 likes (512 on Facebook, 146 on Instagram) and wins a voucher worth 2700 CZK (approx. €100).
"Armin gazic climbing his new project marked 8a at Dariva near Sarajevo"

The participant brungraciano from Brazil got 767 likes (345 FB, 422 IG), finished 2nd and wins a 5400 CZK voucher (approx. €200).
"Stoked to capture my friend @lucasbmarques_ in action during the ascent of Brau e Brow 8b+. Situated on the beautiful Gruta de Passa Vinte - Brazil"

And annabicsak from Hungary is the main winner of our contest. She was given 904 likes (565 FB, 339 IG) and wins products of Singing Rock of her choice worth 8100 CZK (approx. €300).
"another view 😁"

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants!

Placing of the other finalists:
4 fallonclimbs - 374 votes
5 cheyeah - 300 votes
6 czurko_levente - 271 votes
7 cheyeah - 196 votes
8 prokoppavel18 - 175 votes
9 yendaaa - 158 votes
10 zorbeyaktuyun - 92 votes

Photo contest - final voting

129793The final of our anniversary photo contest SINGING ROCK gear in action is here.

The task was to shoot our products in action. You could post your shots with the #singingrock25 hasthtag till the end of August.

From your posts we selected about a hundred of images which met the conditions of the contest, and then the 10 which we liked the most. And now it's up to you. Give a like to your favorite pictures on social networks and determine the winners.

You can vote on Facebook and Instagram, one like means one point for a picture. Final voting takes place from 1st till 15th September 2017. We will count up likes from both social networks after 15th September and announce the winners on Monday 18th September.

The winner of the competition will win products of Singing Rock of his/her choice worth 8100 CZK (approx. 300), the 2nd place will win a voucher worth 5400 CZK (approx. 200) and the 3rd place a 2700 CZK voucher (approx. 100).

Final shots